6 SEO Mistakes That’ll Put You on Google’s Naughty List

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October 5, 2017
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There are tonnes of SEO mistakes that can actually make your blog/website disappear from the Google search results. Did you know that? You entire website existence could be penalized because of all kinds of mistakes- no matter how minor or major they are. You might be enjoying all the website traffic you are getting today and suddenly, Boom! All of your traffic is gone. Google is a major source of organic traffic for you and your website, however, something blasphemous could lead to the downfall of the popularity of your page.

Approximately 75% of organic users do not go through the second or the third page of the search result. Anything there is an unvisited territory for a major fraction of people. This can be a major problem for your online marketing plan. All kinds of SEO strategies and planning for your website development would go down the drain if something like this happens. You would not be able to figure out, as a website owner/ blog owner, as to why all this is happening to you. Why the sudden bully from Google’s side. Are you one of those who is unable to figure out what on earth, rather in the “sacred” realm of the world wide web did you do to deserve this harshness? If your answer is yes to this, read what follows from here to find out.

Now before jumping to reasons as to why you are blacklisted, you need to understand what exactly happens in the process. Google, as a search engine is always trying to tweak up their algorithms, in order to ensure all kinds of spammers are filtered out. They are always trying to develop themselves, every now and then, by rolling out all kinds of updates. These updates can cause shifts in the workings of already prevalent websites and their rankings. This is going to affect everyone with a website on the World Wide Web. Basically, something which is functional today might not be functionally productive in the same manner tomorrow. In Fact, you might even be penalized tomorrow for having something which was “supposedly” okay yesterday.

Now is the time to look at all kinds of reasons to know why the blacklisting happens. Or simply why are you on the Google Naughty List right now!

1. Lack of Mobile Design: there are various website owners who are not aware of the experience of the users on their own websites. Lack of an effective website design is one of the major causes of being blacklisted and thereby influencing your search rankings as well. If your website does not provide a hassle free and seamless digital experience to the users, you might want to consider changing it and revamping it to ensure the loss of traffic and users on your website. Another reason to change your non-mobile website design? Very simple, any website that does not pass the Google mobile friendly test can be demoted when it comes to rankings. So basically, the websites which provide a seamless and great experience during the Google test are going to be ranked in the higher categories, rather than being in the lower ones. Google made sure to update all kinds of algorithms related to this process to make sure users have the most amazing experience on the internet. Thus, to ignore the Mobile Design is one of the worst SEO mistakes you could do.

2. Lack of KeyWord usage: if there is no SEO optimization in terms of Keywords, you are doing something wrong on your website. Various important keywords must be included in order to ensure that you are worthy of achieving the top rankings. You would want to plan out your SEO strategies for content and website development and use tools like the Google Keyword Planner to make sure your rankings are never affected. You could achieve major SEO and online marketing goals with the help of keyword optimization. Apart from this, you would want to take help of categories, sub categories, tags, images, etc. to optimize this SEO strategy. Targeting the right keywords is going to help you catch all kinds of search spiders that you are vying for.

3. Ignoring Ads: There are all kinds of ads that crop up when you are trying to look for certain SEO strategies to work in your favor. They promise to deliver you with desired results. But, as a website owner, you must ignore them. Almost all these ad owners are spammers. They use links from all kinds of faulty, unreputable websites which are only going to damage things for you in the future. No matter how smart they sound, you must stay away from them. They might solve your problems right now with the help of their technical Link Wheels and Link Pyramids, but Google is always developing and evolving and always on the lookout for anything faulty and fishy. Therefore, never buy links on the internet!

4. Faulty link directories: if you take help of link directories and posting your links on too many of them or simply taking help of the wrong ones as your SEO strategy, you are doing it wrong. You would not want to mess things up for yourself in the wrong dimension of the internet. You must remain the good side of it, where your links are sourced and are cited on authoritative sites. Wrong dimensions are only going to end up be spammy and are going to ruin your website reputation sooner or later. Most of the time, they turn out to be irrelevant. This is also one of the reasons to avoid all kinds of link schemes which seem perfect at first. You shall be penalized otherwise.

5. Stuffing keywords: While using keywords is a good thing, stuffing your content with too many keywords is never a healthy state. Think of this way, stuffing your burger with too much of meat is never healthy for you, the same goes for the internet. If you are trying to aim for the top search rankings by stuffing in all kinds of possible keywords in your content, Google is going to hunt you down and banish you.

6. Not so natural Anchor Text: You might be taking help of various SEO strategies to make sure your content is alway in the top search rankings and the traffic generation is also great for you. You would use all the popular techniques for the same, you would also take help of building all forms of backlinks to help you out, taking help of other authority sites for the same to get a rich anchor. You might still be penalized. This can be explained with the help of an example- if you are a local business owner who sells home appliances, and on your website you are providing all kinds of information to manage their household and appliances as well, this way you would be termed credible and would ensure other website owners to add you to their websites through links. However, during all this, you might take help of home management and appliance management as your anchor texts. But if you use the same anchor text for almost all of your posts and links, you are actually inviting Google to bust your SEO “strategy” and getting penalized thereby.

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