Here Are 7 Ways You Can Greatly Increase Your Digital Marketing Campaign

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Successful Online Promotion

Is Your Online Promotion Successful?

Today online promotion is the most efficient and reliable for an attraction of new clients. How to use all the benefits and earn more?

Here Are 7 Ways You Can Greatly Increase Your Digital Marketing Campaign

Every single startup is considering a successful marketing campaign. It is the link between a production and an audience of the business. It is also the face of a company and its name in the business world. How to make it successful without spending a fortune? How to make your digital campaign work for you?


1. Instagram

The first idea that comes to mind when thinking of how to create a marketing campaign is the idea of social networks. Depending on the type of product or services, it is important to concentrate on a few of them and create successful, informative, engaging, interesting and profitable profiles. Today every second mobile device holder has Instagram on it. Moreover, the Instagram advertising system is working very effectively and considers the target auditory of the service or product. The Instagram profile is the must for every business holder today.


2. Facebook

Having a Facebook profile with an integrated marketing campaign on it is not enough. This must be a real person. The main idea of Facebook is personal contacts. Main information can appear on a website, but a real conversation, comments, fresh photos and people who stand for the business are waiting on an official Facebook profile for potential clients. Make it personal instead of an official. Post photos and videos of founders, managers and other team members, people love this.


3. A pet trick

Everybody likes animals. They are cute, funny and grant us with the sweetest positive emotions. Think of it when creating a marketing campaign. It doesn’t matter if you are producing toilet fillers, furniture or food, a cute dog or cat can appear everywhere. Be creative. Add it to a logo, post it on your YouTube account, on your Instagram profile or place a pet in your office. It is fun and attractive to potential clients. You can create a separate YouTube channel for uploading funny, fail, curious, surprised, friendly, guilty animals filmed by various people over the globe but gathered together in a single set. The same is applicable for social networks.

social network

4. A blog

The answer to the question how to create a marketing campaign includes writing a blog. Some nerds prefer to read, and most of them are online. The blog is an efficient way to represent your company in a good light. The best option is to hire a few freelance writers and continuously post informative content about your production, technology, philosophy, the branch of business in a professional and interesting way. Making your blog posts SEO optimized will only increase chances to stand out in the digital world.


5. Make a mobile application

We are not talking about the official app, which must be in the app store and play market from the very first day of the existence of the company. Digital promotion may include any application. For sports types of business, it can be a training guide or a tracker. For the bookstore, it can be a digital library. A toy or pet shop can release a game. Be creative and don’t lose any opportunity to promote your marketing campaign.

Digital promotion

6. Collaborate with other social bloggers

There are plenty of ways to find an inspiration online. Successful bloggers know this secret and use it for personal advantages. You, as an entrepreneur, can use them to increase your digital popularity. Find a few popular account holders in social networks and ask them to tag your brand in their posts. It is working for all types of business. People like following inspirational people. Many of them trust all they post. If they mention your brand and say something positive, this will greatly improve our status and attract new customers.


7. Implement an SEO campaign

SEO optimization is a free way to get to the top of Google search result. The only condition is having a team of SEO specialists, which is not free. There are two options depending on your type of business and needs accordingly:

  1. Hiring a team of freelancers every time you think you need to improve your position.
  2. Creating an SEO department in your office who are working hard every day to keep the top positions of your company.

The decision depends on your needs. If you have an online business, which has no physical product or service, then it is reasonable to choose the second option. For those who have a production, real estate or services it is enough to be on track with the first option.


Bottom line

The digital world is changing every day. It is the reason why every modern entrepreneur must consider online marketing campaigns seriously. This is the only source of clients for many businesses. Instagram and Facebook account is the absolute must for every corporate user. A blog can become an attractive solution for bookstores where readers discuss literature, any production where workers can explain the technologies from the inside, and any other firm. A pet trick is a cute and always modern trend. The mobile application is the must for big corporations and collaboration with famous bloggers can only increase your rating in social networks. SEO optimized website is always more profitable. Use some of these tricks or all of them to make your campaign successful.


BIO: Helen Birk is a freelance blogger and writer for She specializes in business promotion and online marketing. On her blog, she gives pieces of advice on its further promotion. With her help, many startups succeeded in their efforts to become recognizable.

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