Avoid Marketing Clichés to Get Maximum Social Media Rewards

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February 16, 2018

Social Media presence has become part of our life and it has become an important mean to communicate. Consumer preferences have been changed and more and more online shopping happens. So, the marketer is doing many efforts in promoting a brand through social media. These different platforms not only provide one way communication but it has opened up the scope for two way communication. Here, the consumers can also give their feedback about the brand which is visible to all. They can review the product and they can not only praise the product or brand but can also criticize it. Social media plays a crucial role to build up a brand.

Words are very powerful in social media. That gives positive or negative image of the brand. It can make the product popular or can create a downfall of the brand. There are few marketing clichés which a marketer can avoid to get good and positive results from social media marketing.  Few clichés that marketer should avoid are discussed here:

1.Social Media Spam is a strict ‘NO’

Social media success is dependent on the content you share. That way content becomes very important part in social media presence. There are many social media optimization services in India that provides optimization for the content. So, your content can show up in different search results.

Many marketers post too much posts so it becomes like a spam. Sometimes the content is not even relevant to the brand. This creates very negative impact and can create negative brand image. Consumers can get irritated and even get away from the services or products. Not only this much but even they can post negative feedback also which can affect your overall audience.

This way a limited content with right choice of words can prove as a boon and on the other hand spam content can become the reason for downfall.

2.Too much graphics and too less content

Graphics are eye pleasing and it elevates the sensory experience. Even visuals are effective for positive effect. It attracts very quickly. That way, graphics are very much important for social media posting. The good balance is required between graphics and content.

Graphics and content both are complimentary to each other and it should serve that purpose. Some only use graphics and avoid the use of content. This is also a way to add negative point to social media presence. So, a graphic image with no content can prove it to be a social media cliché.

Many marketers and brands use only graphics to save time and money. The content is a crucial part of marketing and social media too. It is a content only that interacts with the consumer and gives the details about the product features. If you are not sure how much graphic and text is required then you can take advice from SEO services in India that can help to bring right graphic and text balance.

3.Content that is not relevant can cause more harm

Content is very important in social media marketing but it is also necessary the content should be relevant. Many social media marketer post any content that is not relevant to the brand or product. They only stuff the brand name or related keywords so the content can show up in searches in different search engines.  Many times, companies get revenue thorough content so they feel attracted towards posting lots of content.

This is a very big mistake as per the social media experts. Also very frequent postings and too many marketing messages can also prove irrelevant. Too much frequency of the messages can also drive audience away from the brand. Social media optimization services are available that can help a marketer to overcome this cliché.

Content is very important in social media marketing

4.Uniqueness attracts the consumer

One unique post can create more impact over many general posts. A marketer should always focus on highlighting the unique features and points about the brand or service. That will give more boosts to the sales and the audience will remember it well than hundreds of similar posts.

It is a best practice to talk about own brands positive and unique features then comparing the other brands negative points. If you are not sure about how to find out or pitch the positive and unique features about your product then you can hire the SEO services in India. The professionals can provide right assistance for social media marketing wherever you are in doubt.


The article discusses about social media clichés that can become the reason for downfall for any brand, product or service. A marketer can get the best of the results from social media by avoiding these social media clichés.  The negative impact of these cliché on the audiences’ mind is also discussed in detail.

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