Importance Of Email Marketing

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Email Marketing importance

Email marketing is one of the most important, efficient and effective ways to market your business. If you already have an email marketing campaign established with a list of customers, this is your chance to grab their attention or market your product to your target audience. Here are a few tips on how you could and why you should do email marketing.

Building a List Of Customers

Even if you already have a decent customer base, it’s worthwhile to build on that existing database.Start with a small list and build it up over the course of time. It is recommended not to buy any kind of email lists from companies selling bulk email lists as more often than not these lists end up being spam. The more you can organically build your list of contacts, the stronger the possibility of turning them into lasting customers.

Generating Repeat Sales

Finding a list of new customers to market your product or serve your purpose of brand promotion is not an easy task. It can get expensive too. For instance, consider the cost of advertising to bring in customers. It is more expensive to bring in customers than to sell products and services to them. Sending emails to a list of your regular customers on a monthly basis or every two months could increase your sales exponentially.

Upselling and Cross-Selling

Online email campaigns are a great way to up-sell and cross-sell your product. For example, if you are selling baseball caps, people buying baseball caps might be interested in other items related to baseball. Create auto-responders to automatically follow up with your customers. This has a profound effect on your sales. Autoresponders have been found to increase sales up to 30%.

Driving Off-line Purchases

Email marketing is a good promotion tactic. What people see very often is eventually retained in their memory. This helps in offline sales as people who prefer to purchase from stores will recognize your product from emails they’ve received.

Cost–Effective means of Marketing

Email marketing is very cost effective and does not require much of a financial commitment. Additionally, email marketing software can be used to track sales and revenues generated from said campaigns.

Generating ROI through Email Marketing

According to the DMA, email marketing has been the highest source of return on investment on e-marketing. This helps in data reporting, metrics and measuring results.

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