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May 18, 2017
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6th Jan 2016, is indeed a great day for all Indian startups. It’s expected to be the day, when all Indian startup founders, CEOs, young entrepreneurs will eagerly wait for the Indian government to announce policies which will boost the startup ecosystem in the country.

Young, optimistic eyes will be glued to TV today, when PM Narendra Modi will address startup founders at Vigyan Bhawan. The launch of ‘Start Up India, Stand Up India’, is definitely going to herald a new chapter in the history of startups in India. The entire startup community is highly optimistic about the commitment and support the government has shown till now.

Though the program will be held in Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi, startups from across India can’t miss out the opportunity to watch it Live. If you are wondering how to watch the program live or online, here are some useful links, which you can try out:

1. Doordarshan National (DD1) and Online [This will be live 6pm onwards]

2. Webcast [Live 9:30am onwards]

3. PMO webcast [Live 6pm onwards]

4. Online live coverage 

We will also publish a blog titled “Did the Indian Government Fulfilled Big Startup Dream” following the event concludes. The blog will include the expectations that startups had from the Indian government, and did the government fulfilled those expectations at the launch of ‘Start Up India, Stand Up India’.

Stay tuned!!

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Anirban Guha
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