Why Startups Must Consider Video Blog

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May 18, 2017
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May 18, 2017

Video blog is a powerful medium of communication, and you are making a mistake, if you are ignoring it. Video blogging is nothing but sharing the same information you were so far sharing through your blog. The only difference is instead of word or content, you are using an audio visual content to reach your audience. An audio visual content is 72% more powerful in attracting audience attention than normal content on a blog. That’s precisely the reason, why more and more marketers are creating product and services videos and sharing them on different video streaming sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe, Hullu etc.

You can integrate a video blog about your product, service, or an interview, into your company website or share multiple social media platforms to increase visibility and reach. Popular video hosting and streaming site YouTube claims a whopping 1 billion unique user visits each month.

Find out why a video on Startup Simba is the right medium for you to reach your audience:

  • Video is 75% more persuasive than simple content
  • Video is 60% more effective in building trust and credibility
  • Video content is more loved by reputed search engines
  • Video content will help your boost your searchable footprint by 75%
  • Video content significantly improves email marketing

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Startup Simba is India’s first ever and dedicated video blogging platform for startups, startup founders, startup interviews, and startup stories. This unique audio visual platform will feature news, ideas, resources, research and analysis, and anything and everything to do with India’s buzzing startup ecosystem.
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