6by3.in – A Startup that Helps People to Share, Preserve Memories of Loved Ones

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May 17, 2017
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May 17, 2017

Missing a loved one can be very depressing, especially if your loved one has left the world forever. You always want to share your feelings for the departed soul, but don’t know where and how to share the same. D.M. Arvind Mallik, Founder, 6by3.in, also went through such depressing feelings several times. But he didn’t just sit back and thought about it, instead he came up with a unique platform, where everyone can share their feelings about their loved ones. Startup Simba shares the story about 6by3.in, a first of its kind online memorial website in India.Tell us what 6by3.in is all about in a nutshell.

6by3.in is India’s first online memorial website dedicated to someone special you have loved or lost. When human beings leave this mortal world, their body needs only 6 feet by 3 feet of space to rest in peace, hence the name of our startup – 6by3.in.

Each one of us has lost someone at some point of time and might have missed the opportunity to pay last minute tribute. Have you ever imagined how often you remember your loved people, whom you have always loved and cherished each and every moment spent with them?

6by3.in offers you a permanent way to share memories with family and friends from anywhere in the world. Through our website, you can create a memorial page for departed soul, share celebrity loss news across boundaries, avail resource help and guidance related to grief. You can use this online memorial service to pay your last respect silently to a departed soul, through heartfelt words. With this digital memorial service, your tribute or respect will live forever.

How and when the idea about 6by3.in did come to your mind?

I experienced near death experience when I meet with a fatal road accident few years back. This terrible experience forced me to think sincerely about few questions, like how can I pass my legacy to the next generation or how can I pay my tribute to those people who are no more with me.

To answer those above questions, I decided to start a memorial website which keeps the memory of departed soul alive. I wanted to use technology and educate people on how to live wisely when our life is way too short to spend.

Tell us about the founder of 6by3.in? What were you busy with prior to launching 6by3.in?

D.M. Arvind Mallik is the founder of 6by3.in. He has nearly eight years of work experience and is currently working as an Assistant Professor, MBA Department, PESITM, Shivamogga, since 2011.


  • Shortlisted for Flipped Classroom under Hybrid Learning, Organised by Wharton School of Management, University of Pennsylvania and QS Stars, USA, December 2015.
  • MTC Global Award for Excellence -Teaching Innovation 2015, organised by MTC Global, Sept 12, 2015.
  • Winner of Trend Setter under Best Techno Faculty Award 2015 organised by ICT Academy of Tamil Nadu, a special initiative of Government of India, Government of Tamil Nadu, Feb 16, 2015.

In which year 6by3.in was launched? What is the team size? Where are your offices located?  Who are your target audience?

We did pilot launch on August 15, 2015, but officially the website was launched on November 1, 2015.

At present there is no team member and I have transformed my house in Shivamogga, Karnataka as my office.

There is no specific target audience right now. Everyone can use the service to pay tribute to a departed soul or to share a loved one’s life story.  

What is the revenue model of 6by3.in?

Right now it’s a completely free service, but once the website touches 1000+ user base, I would accept advertisements from reputed organizations that will be displayed on the website.

What is the USP of 6by3.in?

The website is not about death, it’s all about celebrating one’s life memories. At present we are offering four main services:

  • Creating Memorial Profile of deceased person
  • Pay due respect to famous personalities that includes both Indian and International personalities
  • Partnering with blood bank, eye hospital, organ donation institute for creating awareness about the service
  • A section dedicated to help and guide people who undergo painful time while coping with the loss of a beloved one.       

How has been the journey so far? What did you learn?

“I decided to start a memorial website which keeps the memory of departed soul alive. I wanted to use technology and educate people on how to live wisely when our life is way too short to spend.”

It was quite challenging to convince people who were not willing to share memory of their deceased ones. They see it as a taboo in the society to share memories of deceased people publicly on a website. Other challenges that I faced initially:

  • Creating awareness among people to come forward to share and create memorials
  • While creating Memorial Profile, users find it difficult to collect photos to be uploaded on the website
  • Less information about the deceased person
  • Users don’t spend much time on creating profile. They will open account but won’t complete it
  • If people want to create profile, they don’t easily get permission from other family members          

·   What do you want to tell wannabe young entrepreneurs?

Believe in your idea and just work on it, if you think your idea can transform one’s life.

What do you feel about the current start-up ecosystem in India? Where is it heading to?

In the past five years, lot of young entrepreneurs in India have achieved significant popularity and are showing the way to new entrepreneurs. I can foresee that India will produce more startups and shine on the global map.

What is your plan or strategy to sustain in the long run?

I will work on to create awareness about my website and what is its purpose, share my startup story on various startup platforms. Once users start showing interest on creating memorial profiles, I would think about creating other innovative services, maybe develop a mobile App.

Where do you want to see 6by3.in years from now?

We would like to be recognised as a global memorial website, where people from all over the world will come and share stories about their near and dear ones and pay tribute to departed souls, in a respected manner.

What do you have to say about Startup Simba, being the first of its kind video blogging platform for startups?

This is indeed a unique platform for startups to connect with each other, share their stories, which others need to know.

Startup Information Sheet

Startup Name 6by3.in


Founders Name/Designation  D.M. Arvind Mallik


Type of Business Online Memorial Website


Year of Launch 2015


Industry Online Service


Team Size 1


Revenue Self Funded


Office Location Shivamogga, Karnataka


Unique Product/Service (If any)  India’s First Online Memorial Website


Target Audience Everyone


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