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Abhigyan Bhowmick, Founder of Eleanora Legal started the company with an aim to provide legal assistance to startups across the world with an anytime, anywhere concept. With everything around us going digital, he took a bold step in offering legal help to people digitally by using latest digital technologies.What is Eleanora Legal and what kind of problem it’s trying to solve in the current legal service scenario?

Eleanora Legal is the first of its kind digitalized legal service provider, fulfilling legal requirements of clients around the world.

Eleanora Legal team has drafted policies more than 5000 terms and conditions and OS application till date. We can say that we are a legal office of the future and using Internet and technology to solve legal problems of our client sitting in other part of the world. In the coming future, legal services will be different and we are ready to provide any kind of services to our client, no matter where they are located. We have assisted a Singaporean company to acquire a company in USA completely online.

Tell us about the founders/team behind Eleanora Legal? What is their background?

Eleanora Legal was started by me (Abhigyan Bhowmick) with few people in Pune in 2011 to give online legal services to startup companies.

With no capital investment in hand, I used to take up freelance work, and took one step at a time to grow my client base. By 2013, I had good number of clients to be proud of. I firmly believe that with right calculation and hard work, every business can become successful.

In which year Eleanora Legal was launched? What is the current team size? What is the current revenue size? Where is your office located? Who are your target audience?

I started Eleanora Legal in 2011 with the help of one of my friend.

My current team size is 20.

Eleanora Legal makes an annual turnover of Rs. 1.95 Cr.

We currently have two offices, one in Kolkata and the other one in Pune.

Our main target audience is startups in India and clients from other parts of the world.

How is Eleanora Legal different from other legal service provider in India? What is the USP? Why would people consider Eleanora Legal?

Eleanora Legal is the only law firm in India that offers legal services digitally. We see a lot of growth happing in the digital sector in the country and we want to offer the same kind of digital experience to our clients. We use latest communication technologies to work with our client, so that they get our services, consultation and support any time and from anywhere in the world.  

We bring lawyers spread across the world under one umbrella. We enable our clients look beyond the borders, resolve legal disputes across borders within no time.

We help many startups both in the country and abroad to start their company. We provide large corporations to move faster, expand businesses with no worries.

What is your hiring strategy? What kind of talent you generally looking for?

There is no specific hiring strategy. We generally hire people, who are efficient, have good domain knowledge and posses good communication skills.

How has been the journey so far? How tough has been the competition, with so many legal services providers already operating in the country?

The journey so far has been very challenging. It was very difficult to compete with already established legal firms in the country, but soon we proved our expertise. We always try to complete, reliable, innovative and high quality service to our corporate clients.

Did you receive any seed funding or raise money to go really big? Are you considering any such things?

No we didn’t receive any seed funding as of now. Initially we started by accepting freelance legal work and then started with clients. Now as we are growing really fast, we are looking out for funding, so that we can make it really large to scale up team, offices and infrastructure.

What is your plan or strategy to sustain in the long run amid tough competition?

Eleanora Legal believes in keeping good relationship with clients by providing them quality service. We try to reduce time and money of our client by using digital legal services. We always want to keep our clients satisfied with our service and that is our strategy to sustain in the long run and give tough competition to others.

Where do you want to see Eleanora Legal 2 years from now?

Eleanora Legal wants to be well accepted by clients from India and other global countries as a company which offers quality legal assistance. We want to be the top digitalized legal services providers in the future.

What do you have to say about Startup Simba, being the first of its kind video blogging platform for startups?

This is indeed a very unique digital platform for startups to get visibility and show what they do and what they do best. 

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