Interview with Manoj Tulsani, CEO of Rayna Tours and Travels

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Read our interview with Manoj Tulsani, the CEO of Rayna Tours and Travels, a destination management company providing a well curated online space for all types of travel services.

Please give us a rundown of yourself and your venture? 

I am the CEO of Rayna Tours and Travels, one of the most successful travel management companies in the UAE. Rayna Tours was established in 2006 by Kamlesh Ramchandani and myself, with our common passion for travel and adventure. Despite coming from different industries and facing ongoing challenges, we didn’t have any speculation that Rayna Tours will be a dynamic venture, quite sure to grip us for years to come.

Starting off as a mere travel boutique at Dubai’s Flora Grand Hotel, our intuitions didn’t go wrong; Rayna Tours has now become one of the finest travel solution providers in both B2C and B2B verticals, thanks to its ever-expanding collection of products and services encompassing global visa packages, hotel reservation, customizable holiday packages, and popular touristic activities such as city tours, cruises, desert safaris, transfers, show tickets etc.

Our main office is in Dubai and we have branches and outlets all over the UAE. Apart from a strong base in India, we have a steadily emerging presence in many Southeast Asian and European destinations like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Turkey.

So you told you came from different industry. What really urged you to change the route to an entirely new industry? 

At the peak of my career as the Marketing Head, I walked away from the fast-paced job in trading and decided to set up  something excitingly new and never heard of. My love for travel and passion to connect with more people led me to analyze the prospects of the travel business, which then lacked the presence of a strong specialist offering the convenience of booking hotel accommodation, tours and activities all under one roof. Pretty quickly, we took this haphazard as an opportunity to walk through and open Rayna Tours in order to help visitors to Dubai with comprehensive travel services. 

Can you tell us what make Rayna Tours different from its competitors? 

First of all, our business model is very unique and well-synchronized. Contrary to most related companies that rely on a third party infrastructure, majority of our services ditch the presence of an intermediate. This allows us to provide our guests with high-end solutions accompanied by best in the industry rates. Our constant commitment to improvement is another significant facet that helps us to remain ahead of the competition. Be it offline or online, we implement the latest techniques and most innovative approaches to ensure the exceptional quality of our service packages. Finally, we have an enthusiastic network of experts, who are available on 24/7 basis, to ensure top-notch standards in customer service. 


What have been the major challenges in your business journey? How did you overcome them and identify your niche?

While starting this venture was quite an easy decision, running it without a viable business plan or proper financial support was extremely tough. But with every problem, we have managed to craft better strategies by realigning our business procedures or via introducing value added products and services. Besides giving us the impetus to gain a strong toehold in the fiercely competitive market, this can-tackle-it attitude has effectively paved way for our business’ ongoing growth and success, thus turning challenges to opportunities and subsequently to our strengths.

What are your future goals? 

As we continue to grow and expand across major travel markets, our main goal is to keep innovating and globalize our massive portfolio of offerings and operations.



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