Edtech Startup Authess Coming to India, Plans to Overhaul Education Evaluation System

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Dubai based Authess, an edtech startup, which intends to upgrade the education evaluation system to advanced online education has laid out its plan to enter India. Created out of MIT, Authess plans to fast overhaul the existing educational evaluation system in the country.

According to its co-founder and CEO, Paul Crockett, Authess plans to bring the real world to learners at different levels. Paul said multiple-choice has continued as an assessment process for so long, because it is reasonably easy and economical to produce.

The idea of online education was first visualized by Authess’s co founder Chris Kaiser, former provost and currently professor of Biology in MIT. He had the flair for setting problems that compelled his students to apply their learning to real-world situation. As he was already involved with edX Massive Open Online Courses, Kaiser was well acquainted with the art of online education.

When Authess started to build their plan for online assessments, third co-founder Sundar Subramanian, also an MIT alumnus like Kaiser was the one who insisted the company to look for prospects in India.

This enabled the company to start with an international outlook since inception, as believed by Crockett, which most companies have to cope up with difficulty, later on in their progress.

Authess, endorsed by Cambridge Technology Enterprises’ accelerator unit, Cambridge Innovations, managed a second round of funding of $675,000 in late 2015 from investors including Indian Manipal Global Education Services, who urged Authess to learn the processes and mechanisms of the Indian education system.

Crockett said that for academic evaluations there are two processes; one is multiple choices, a test format that favors assumptions and memorization, the other one is real-world simulation and games, more expensive to introduce for academic evaluations. Authess plans to fit in the middle of these two processes to make learning experience more authentic for the students.

Crockett believes that Kaiser had the insight that it is difficult to evaluate what students are doing in the  learning domain, and that there had to be a better way for them for their knowledge application, reported Forbes.

Crockett further maintains that India and the US have similar approaches in academic field, for instance, in Indian software industry guidance are required to prepare people for jobs, they are inspired to think critically, innovatively, like in the US.

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