Great Opportunity for Startup Founders to Learn from Those Who Have Failed to Make it Big!

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BHIVE Workspace has chosen to work from backwards forward. While, learning and listening to success stories of entrepreneurs and startups has been the conventional way of gathering insight and knowledge to find success; often, lessons from others’ failures are overlooked and ridiculed. However, BHIVE has chosen to see things differently. They believe that in order to achieve success, entrepreneurs must indulge in stories of others’ failures and mistakes and learn from them.

Hence, on the 10th of March, 2016, BHIVE Workspace has decided to host FuckUp Nights; an initiative originally conceived in Mexico between five friends. FuckUp Nights is an event where entrepreneurs, who’ve dared to attempt but failed at their startups, narrate their stories and share their experiences in the presence of a curious audience. Each speaker narrates their story with the help of 10 images and follows them with a Q&A session to quench the curiosities of the audience. And at the end of the event, the night is opened for interaction and networking exercises.

7:00 to 7:15 pm – General Networking and Registration
7:15 to 7:35 pm – Ismail Sheriff – Co-founder of Torq Square
7:35 to 7:55 pm – Arvind Singh – COO of Furdo
7:55 to 8:15 pm – ShardulMohite – Founder of Yogurt Labs
8:15 to 8:35 pm – SibgathullaZeeshan – Co-founder & CEO of Printatm
8:35 to 9:00 pm – Networking with beverages

Where: BHIVE Workspace – HSR S4

BHIVE Workspace invites Bangalore’s entrepreneurs to learn and listen to stories and life lessons of entrepreneurs that have failed to make it big, but have gathered knowledge and insights successful entrepreneurs would have overlooked.

For further details please visit or call us at +91-8088-822-364

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Anirban Guha
Founder & Editor
Startup Simba
Anirban Guha
Anirban Guha
Founder & Editor Startup Simba

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