Hyderabad based startup Trackyo Building connected vehicle technology to track and modify driver behavior in gated communities

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Trackyo is an early-stage connected vehicle startup based out of Hyderabad. They are designing customized security solutions for vehicle monitoring and driver assistance systems targeting gated societies. By gated societies, we refer to areas secured by gates and security guards at entry and exit points i.e., areas including but not limited to: residential townships/societies/ blocks, business centers, corporate structures, etc.

These areas are very much prone to accidents and damages due to over speeding vehicles, reckless driving, unavailability of prompt facilitation of emergency services and etc. A report published on road accidents and residential over-speeding revealed that over 0.45Mn deaths and 12.5Mn serious accidents have occurred due to residential over-speeding and reckless driving at the gated regions.
Trackyo is a patent pending and novel technology to address all of these problems. The framework also involves an integrated platform for a communication channel between the community and the nearest emergency service providers (police, ambulance, fire truck etc.), accessible just by the press of a button.

Although there are alternative solutions such as speed breakers, road safety mirrors, CCTV surveillance, manual monitoring, smart parking and etc., these solutions cater to very specific parts of the problem with a very limited effectiveness. For instance, from a survey conducted by the Trackyo team at gated communities across Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi and Jaipur, it was observed that less than 20% of the respondents feel that the alternative solutions (all put together) are currently effective.
The Trackyo team has also conducted a pilot study at the Carnegie Mellon University’s Joint Research Institute at Shunde, China. In this study the average effectiveness of this solution was found to be 63% i.e., the total number of speed violations of the vehicle drivers were reduced significantly in just two days.
Yash Agarwal, Kritika Jain and Dr. Orkun Karabasoglu founded Trackyo and registered their venture as Trackyotech Pvt. Ltd. in Sept 2016. Before laying the founding stone of Trackyo, they intensively worked on the hardware design and smart tracking algorithms at the Laboratory for Intelligent Vehicles and Energy Systems (LIVES) of Carnegie Mellon University’s Joint Institute of Engineering. The team is all set to bring this solution to the market to make gated societies safe and secure from the aspect of drivers.
Trackyotech Pvt. Ltd. is currently a part of:
1. T-Hub’s incubator program. India’s leading incubator for Tech startups and a Govt. of Telangana initiative.
2. AutoNebula’s accelerator program. India’s only incubator and accelerator for Connected Vehicles startups.
Trackyo is now inviting strategic investing partners who can bring investments, mentoring, expertise and other such opportunities with them to scale and grow up with Trackyo.
For more updates on Trackyo and to keep up with their progress; follow:
Twitter: @trackyotpl
For a more detailed discussion/ queries/ suggestions, write to them @ info@trackyotech.com.
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Anirban Guha
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Anirban Guha
Anirban Guha
Founder & Editor Startup Simba

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