Hyderabad’s T-Hub Surprises Nobel Laureate Ada Yonath

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T-Hub in Hyderabad has garnered lot of attention from startups, entrepreneurs, angel investors, VC firms and the who’s who of the Indian industry. But on 11th Feb, T-Hub was proud to receive Nobel laureate in Chemistry, Professor Ada Yonath, as one of its honoured guest.

Professor Ada was here to attend the launch of T-Hub Health Tech Innovation Accelerator – the first accelerator in the area of Health Tech, as part of BioAsia 2016.

The first Nobel laureate to visit T-Hub, Professor Ada said that she’s happily surprised with T-Hub. Ada said there are lot of exciting things happening around startups in India, but T-Hub has definitely set a benchmark.

“I was here in India 38 years ago, when everything was so different. I remember in my hotel in the then Madras, I saw a few men having a fight on the 11th floor and then one man push the other from the roof. The man fell into the swimming pool and without a second thought I jumped into the pool to save the man. I pulled him by his collar and then tried to hold his hand, only to realise it was a plastic dummy being used for the shooting of a Bollywood film. At least, the crew came and told me that I was a complete natural. I was in apparently in the shot as well but alas I don’t remember the film’s name,” she said.

During the launch, T- Hub’s CEO Jay Krishnan said that T-Hub will support and encourage startups in India and their great entrepreneurial initiatives. The largest incubator in India, T-Hub has launched its first accelerator in the area of Health Tech. To be named as – T-Hub Health Tech Innovation Accelerator, is in partnership with Merck and Microsoft Ventures.

Other renowned guests who attended the launch include Shakthi Nagappan CEO BioAsia, Suresh Challa President TiE Hyderabad, Ramesh Loganathan, VP Products & MD Progress India and President HYSEA and Vipin Antony.

Nobel laureate in Chemistry, Professor Ada Yonath
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